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Important Approval for Short Slab System - MINVU
Jun 15 2016

After achieving various approvals that have marked the history of short slabs: the TCP® Technology (Thin Concrete Pavements), the Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo in Chile (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development) has finally approved thinner concrete pavements with less joint spacing than traditional design. The 2016 specifications guide is NOW AVAILABLE: Código de Normas y Especificaciones Técnicas de Obras de Pavimentación: Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo Division Técnica de Estudio y Fomento Habitacional 2016 (Code of Standards and Technical Specifications 2016 Paving Works: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development: Study Technical Division and Housing Promotion 2016).

The technology that supports the design of short slab concrete pavements, allows building with thinner thicknesses than traditional designs—reducing the amount of needed concrete up to 30%—and competing directly with initial costs to alternative pavements. Also, the thinner concrete pavement design has proven to be a typical longer life design as well as better serviceability over time. These will enable the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Chile to save costs in construction and maintenance of the pavements—offering a better standard in urban and rural streets for users.

This will lead to more concrete paving in urban areas and low volume road projects in Chile (where asphalt typically predominates).

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