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Design and evaluation software for slabs with optimized geometry, calibrated, with more than 10
Cracking models, joints faulting and IRI based on finite elements runs
Adds the possibility to design fiber reinforced concrete pavements (FRC)
Simple Interface, multi-language and two unit systems (English and International)

Design and evaluation software of concrete pavementes, using TCP® Technology

Slabs with optimized geometry, loaded by only one wheel or a ser of wheels at the same time

Optipave2® is a software to design concrete pavements developed by TCPavements. This software implements the TCP® technology, which allows to design slabs with optimized geometry.

The design of concrete pavements with optimized geometry in slabs, reduces internal stresses in the pavement, thereby reducing the thickness from 4 to 10 cm compared with traditional solutions, saving building material costs.

This software works through a large number of calculations of pavements in different conditions with finite elements. The results were calibrated at the University of Illinois, USA. It includes deterioration models and can adapt to any normal condition pavement design.

Pavements designed with OptiPave2® are subject to industrial protection, so in the case of materialize in any real design project, the designer must inform the manufacturer and / or principal of such protection. The fees for the use of technology are published in the TCP Costs section.

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