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From TCP to U-TCP (Ultra Thin Concrete Pavements)
November 03 2016

U-TCP is a variant of the TCP technology for low volume roads. This design consists in a short jointed FRC pavement, with thicknesses from 8 to 12 cm, placed directly over the existing granular way, without a subbase.

The key principle, is to use the high degree of compactation in time of the existing granular road and pave directly over this. This allows to build concrete pavements at a very low initial cost. The ministry of public works of Chile, has executed four contracts so far.

In order to validate Optipave 2® as design method for U-TCP in Low Volume roads projects, test sections were conducted in very thin fiber reinforced concrete pavements. These test sections were loaded with very high axle weights, to obtain short-term results, in terms of cracking. Five test sections were constructed with thicknesses ranging between 60 and 140 mm. In most of this test sections, different thicknesses were tested.

The U-TCP solution for low volumen roads can c

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